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Three Steps To Success

1. Relax: Be cool, calm, and in control.

Tip: If feeling overwhelmed try bringing your attention to the sensation of your feet on the floor. Many pro athletes do this exact thing in times of stress to take themselves out of their head and back into the moment.

Note: The opposite of relax is 'panic'.

2. Have Fun: Smile, be enthusiastic and enjoy the moment.

Tip: Try smiling more. Even if it feels forced. It will send happy signals to your brain and can literally improve your mood and people will want to be around you.

Note: The opposite of fun is boredom and misery.

3: Be awesome: Be impressive and inspire awe.

Tip: There are infinite ways to be awesome but the surest path is to pick something you enjoy doing and then mastering it.

Note: The opposite of awesome is 'mediocre'.

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