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Basic Exercises

These are some fundamental exercises. Squat, Row, Lunge, Press plus some core work and accessories moves like bicep curls and tricep extensions. There are many more but master these first. 

Remember, always engage your core.

Hanging Ab Straps

Use foot slings with extension arms to create a killer ab tool.


Full Body Workout

This is an actual workout I did and a good template to follow:

Warmup with mobility and body control movements and finish with something explosive like jumping on to a box or skipping.

Then do a squat, hinge, lunge, press and pull.

I then do a few arm exercises and extra core work and finish with some stretching.

I do a circuit of the main exercises (excluding warmup), so I do them all then repeat twice more (3 sets of each exercise). Note: You can also do them as pairs of exercises and then move on to the next pair rather than circuit the whole lot.  

I do as many reps as I can while maintaining good form but do what you consider a good, safe amount of reps.

Hint: If you do an upper body exercise (like rows) then lower body (like squats) then upper body etc you don't need as much rest between exercises.

Easy Workout

Note: you need advanced Bodytorc suspension trainer to do hanging ab straps.

Easy Squat Variations

Tone Your Legs And Butt

Stretching Straps

Depending on the model use either the extension strap and foot sling or just the large loop in the extension strap

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