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3 Excellent Core Exercises

The secret to training the core is to keep it engaged while feathering the edge of disengagement. This means you start with an exercise like a static plank to work out the feeling of your core wrapping around your spine and keeping your midsection strong. Then you do movements or put your body in positions where it becomes more difficult to maintain an engaged and strong core. The idea is to find your edge but not go past it. This is important as you risk injury doing difficult bodyweight or weighted movements with a disengaged/exhausted core. The closer to the edge you get the more you are training 'progressive overload' which is how we get stronger or bigger. You don't need to go to complete failure because just getting close to failure is pushing your body and forcing it to adapt. Some exercises you can go to complete failure but unless you really know what you're doing for most people it's usually best not to.

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