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3 Day Per Week Workout Routine

This is a full body workout you can do three days per week. Take a day or two off between each workout, eg train Monday, Wednesday, Friday with Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday off (but you can and probably should do other things like walking, swimming, yoga, biking etc).

Lower reps with more resistance builds strength (1-6 reps) and higher rep ranges build more muscle (6-30 reps). Although there is definitely some crossover so don't obsess over the finer details unless you enjoy that type of thing.

Do three sets of each exercise. Not because three is the best but because it's enough but not too many for most people. Do more if you want, or fewer, but you're good with three sets so if in doubt, do that. I sometimes do two sets on the final exercises if I'm short on time and I often superset them (meaning two different exercises back to back).

Always start with a good warm up. If you've never done an exercise and are new to resistance training you'll probably benefit from paying someone for a few weeks to hone your form. You want to avoid injuries and they can arrive suddenly and take weeks to heal. Also work hard on mobility, particularly on the ankles, hips and shoulders. Simply having stiff ankles can ruin a bunch of exercises and lead to injuries and unnecessary wear and tear on your knees and other joints.

Success is a combination of consistency and progressive overload.

Consistency means stick to the schedule, don't miss (many) days and keep going week after week, month after month. It takes time and you really should aim to include regular resistance training into your life until the day you die. It is without question one of the most important things you can do for your health and longevity.

Progressive overload means your muscles will adapt to a stress by getting bigger and or stronger. Once they have adapted they will stop getting bigger or stronger, so you need to keep increasing the stress, such as doing more reps or lifting heavier weights. This means you will have to sometimes lift a heavier weight than you've ever lifted or do it more times than you've ever done before. Don't worry, your body loves it. So does your soul.

The basic format is train these movements:


Lunge/squat (the same basic movement)



These are movements rather than body parts and it's a fantastic way to train because it promotes a well rounded training plan - and thus a well rounded physique.

Next isolate a body part for the upper and lower body. Choose them based on aesthetics or areas you think are weak. Obviously the arms are good to train but don't forget the muscles on the upper back which help with posture and the muscles on the side of your butt or calves.

Finish with some direct core work.

Videos are here:

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