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Healthy Eating Tips

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

1) The easiest way to improve a diet is to cook more meals from wholesome, raw ingredients. Fast food or anything that comes in a packet with a list of ingredients you've never heard of is probably not going to do your body much good. If you take raw ingredients and combine them into a meal it will probably not only be a lot healthier but with practice, will taste better.

2) If you sit at a table full of food you'll keep eating simply because there's delicious food piled up in front of you. Chances are you're eating a lot more than you need to. Sure some occasions it's great to have the table loaded with food and drink but if you're watching your weight you'll find it a lot easier if you remove temptation from right under your nose. Plate up in the kitchen then walk to the table and eat. It seems simple but it helps.

3) You can skip meals, it's ok. There is no biological need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our ancestors ate when they had food and didn't eat when they didn't have food and our bodies evolved to suit that type of diet. Eating three meals a day is fine but if you only eat breakfast because you think you should, try skipping it. Or, if you're not hungry at lunch time, don't eat. If you get hungry maybe wait a bit to see if the feeling passes. Remember, people are overweight because they eat too much.

4) Most excess weight probably comes from snacking and/or eating too much sugar. There's a large amount of empty calories in soda, potato chips, ice cream, cookies and chocolate. It's obvious and you probably don't need someone telling you but if you regularly eat any of the above and you want to lose weight, reducing or eliminating these items is the best place to start.

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