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10 Minute Unguided Meditation

I am a huge advocate of meditation. At its most basic level mindfulness meditation trains our awareness to notice when we're thinking. Some of the benefits include increased compassion, focus and reduced stress. One way it helps is that if we notice our thoughts they will have less control over us.

This is an unguided meditation with chimes every two minutes to help prompt you to return to your breath if your mind has wandered.

Note: There is a double chime at the end to signal 10 minutes has passed.

Simple Meditation

1) Sit in a comfortable position.

2) Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

3) Place your awareness on your feet touching the ground (for 30 seconds or so to help ground you).

4) Move your awareness to your breath.

5) When you notice your mind wandering/thinking, gently let go of the thoughts and return to your breath.

6) Repeat observing your breath/noticing your mind has wandered/moving your attention back to your breath/noticing your mind has wandered/moving your attention to your breath etc.

Note: It doesn't matter how often your mind wanders. The only thing that matters is that when you notice your mind has wandered you move it back to your breath.

Remember: it's just repetition.

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