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15 Minute Workout - 3 Days Per Week -

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No time? No problem. This workout program is hard, fast and effective. It's not the time you spend doing something, it's how productive you are and there isn't a wasted minute in this workout. It's based around super effective Tabata workouts which are 8 rounds of 20 seconds of maximum effort with 10 seconds rest. Tabata is a type of HIIT training or 'high intensity interval training' and is often used by elite level athletes and is a staple of many group fitness classes. It is seriously effective and 3 sets are not to be taken lightly. Choose simple exercises, especially at first as some muscles can fatigue quickly. You'll do three songs mixing upper and lower body and core. Each song is about 4 minutes. Rest 1 minute between songs. Equipment required: Suspension Trainer and streaming service like Spotify or Youtube for free Tabata tracks: NOTE: It should be hard. In a way, the suffering is the point. Enduring something difficult for 15 minutes three times per week will make you a better human. Fitter, stronger and more resilient. Mentally as well as physically. NOTE 2: Consult a doctor before starting if you think there is any chance a workout will harm you.

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