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Ten reasons to buy a suspension trainer.

There are few investments for a home or commercial gym that give as much bang for buck as a suspension trainer.

1) The are the best stretching tool period. Because it moves with your body while providing all the resistance you need it allows you to put the stretch into exactly where you need it. Most of the time you don't even need to adjust the length of the straps as you can just lean further away.

2) It works the WHOLE body. There isn't a single part of the body that can't be worked out with a suspension trainer, either directly like bicep curls or as part of a compound full body movement like squats.

3) It takes very little time to setup and change resistance. You can set it up and start working out in less than a minute and you can adjust resistance mid exercise by simply changing the angle.

4) They are light and easy to store. If you travel a lot or have a small house there is no better option.

5) Most exercises require you to engage the core. I love a suspension trainer for tricep and bicep exercises as not only is it effective for those areas but because I am leaning forwards or backwards I need to engage my core to stay tight in the middle.

6) There are hundreds of exercises. If you want variety look no further.

7) They're great for everyone. They're perfect for beginners, anyone working with injuries or high level athletes. Any elite training facility will have several well used suspension trainers.

8) They're safe. Everything has some risk and you can injure yourself using a suspension trainer but the risk is lower and the consequences minimal. Barbells and kettlebells are fantastic tools but it's easy to misjudge a lift and hurt yourself. With a suspension trainer you're mainly lifting your own bodyweight and have a strap for support so the risk of injury is much lower.

9) They're cheap. Even the most expensive version (I still don't understand why they charge so much) is cheap if you consider it might be the only piece of workout equipment you need.

10) They're pretty much indestructible. If you buy a decent one it should last forever.

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